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Cloud PBX

Global PBX System

Companies are as different as your fingerprints. No two will ever truly be alike. So why would you want exactly what someone else has. Here at sixteenNORTH we know the value of uniqueness. That's why we built our Cloud PBX platform the way we did. Designed to be built based upon your needs and wants. With a system designed to cut down on the initial expenses and overall cost of running. Replace that old out-dated system you are using with one designed for the modern worker. Our system works anywhere you are, take it on the go. With the ability to forward your extension to any phone or device when you’re out of the office, to call queueing, integrated voicemail, global calling and automated backups. Our solutions couldn't be a simpler choice.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

With proper configuration, every system can alert you the second there is an issue. Even when you're not in front of it. sixteenNORTH has the capabilitiy to configure your desktop, laptop, server or even your mobile device to alert us the second there is an issue, sometimes even before it becomes noticeable to you.

Remote Support

Technical Support

With all the technology available today, we are able to fix most of the issues that will arise without having to be in front of the system. This allows for quicker, more responsive turn around times and lower overall cost of running. Sometimes however, you may need someone onsite because the issue can't be handled remotely and we have you covered there too. With experienced technicians at your call, someone can be onsite to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Which ever way we support you, from basic software installs to inlab data recovery for those catastrophic failures, our goal is to minimize your downtime, lower your cost of running and maximize your productivity.

Hosting Solutions

Customized Hosting

One of the biggest problems companies face today is finding the right hosting solution for their needs. sixteenNORTH can provide you with the best solution, whether it be on site or in our facility. We can provide everything from basic web and email hosting to enterprise exchange level solutions fully customized to fit the growing needs of our clients. We don't follow any templates, we create pathways.



We understand security and make it a top priority. Based on our customer needs we implement everything from strong passwords and two form factor authentication, to biometric authentication. Teamed with the latest antivirus & malware protection, properly configure system updates, secured infastructure, and our support, you'll be safe from even the worst of outbreaks. We don't want your clients private information getting into the wrong hands or being damaged.

Secure Backups

Secure Backups

With our secure and redundant backup services, you never have to worry about data loss or delays. We specially outfit your entire company to backup over your local lightning fast network to a dedicated backup location. Once the files are on this system, they are duplicated to an online cloud backup system that is encrypted with 256bit encryption point to point and finally a stored with AES-XTS in the cloud. We offer custom backup configurations for clients needing more specific or more secure backup options.